Top Business Courses At The World’s Best Universities

Earning a business degree from an elite global university provides access to premier faculty, career networks, and curriculum that equip graduates to thrive in modern business. Whether aiming to start a company or lead at an established organization, these highly ranked programs deliver strong ROI.

We’ve compiled the list below of standout business courses offered at universities consistently topping global higher education rankings. From Australia to the USA, UK, and more, these institutions produce graduates ready to tackle complex challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.

1. Bachelor of Commerce, University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is Australia’s #1 university for business and economics. Its Bachelor of Commerce enables tailoring your degree across over 20 specializations – from actuarial studies to management consulting. This lets students align studies closely with interests and career goals.

2. BSc Management, London School of Economics

The London School of Economics (LSE) is renowned for business and social science education. Its BSc Management degree grounds students in core management frameworks before enabling specializing in areas like finance or business law.

3. BS Business Administration, UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley offers one of the top business undergraduate programs in the USA. Its comprehensive Bachelor of Science in Business Administration includes foundations in business functions alongside specialized concentrations to suit diverse career paths.

4. BSc Accounting and Finance, London School of Economics

This bachelor’s degree from LSE provides in-depth exploration of corporate finance, financial reporting, investment analysis, and more. The program equips students with technical expertise and leadership skills valued at top financial institutions and corporations.


INSEAD is ranked among the top 3 MBA providers globally. Its accelerated 10-month MBA program enables Immersing in campuses across Europe and Asia. The degree’s rotational curriculum aligns closely with real-world business practices for immediate career impact.

6. Master in Management, ESADE Business School

ESADE in Spain provides interdisciplinary business training with global perspectives. Its Master in Management includes humanities and social science components alongside core business modules to produce well-rounded, socially conscious graduates.

7. Bachelor of Business Administration, National University of Singapore

NUS is ranked Asia’s top university for business degrees. Its BBA curriculum delivers fundamental business knowledge from accounting to marketing. Students also complete professional development modules each year to ease the transition into the workforce.

8. MSc Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

The MIT Sloan School of Management is world-renowned for innovation and entrepreneurship. Its Master of Science in Management degree immerses students in fast-paced Boston to tackle real business challenges and graduate career-ready.

9. BSc Economics, London School of Economics

This renowned bachelor’s degree grounds students in core economic theory and applications. With flexibility to specialize and tailor studies as desired, the program suits students aiming for careers from banking to public policy.

10. Global MiM, CEMS

CEMS represents an alliance of over 30 leading global business schools and companies. Its Global Master in Management enables studying business, management, and languages across multiple elite partner universities worldwide.

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