Top Universities For Master’s In Management Degrees

Pursuing a master’s degree in management gives you advanced leadership and business skills that can propel your career. With demand growing for qualified managers across industries, a management master’s delivers strong ROI. Choosing the right program and university for your goals and learning style is key to getting the most value.

We’ve compiled this list of top universities for management master’s degrees across Australia. Whether you want to lead projects, teams or entire organizations, these leading institutions provide premier training aligned to current industry needs.

1. The University of Sydney Business School

The University of Sydney offers highly regarded management programs like its Master of Management. The degree provides training in areas like entrepreneurship, innovation management and leading change to equip students for modern business challenges. Work integrated learning components give real professional experience.

2. Melbourne Business School

As Australia’s highest ranking business school, Melbourne Business School is a top choice for management master’s degrees. Its Master of Management (Executive) is designed for mid-career professionals to develop advanced leadership capabilities while working. Customizable electives allow shaping the degree to your goals.

3. Monash University

Monash Business School delivers flexible management master’s degrees designed in consultation with industry leaders. Monash’s 12-month or 2-year Master of Management options enable specializing in fields like marketing, business analytics or supply chain management to align with your career aims.

4. UNSW Sydney

UNSW’s AGSM Master of Management equips students with expertise in managing organizations, teams and operations. With global exchange opportunities and internships with high-profile companies available, the program produces work-ready graduates ready to take on management roles.

5. Macquarie University

Macquarie’s Master of Management delivers targeted training to tackle modern business challenges using an evidence-based approach. With a focus on responsible leadership, the degree empowers students to enact positive change in organizations and society.

6. Curtin University

Curtin offers a 100% online Master of Management for professionals seeking to upskill flexibly while working. Covering all aspects of business management and leadership, the degree integrates offline intensive workshops to complement online learning for well-rounded development.

7. Deakin University

Deakin’s Master of Management (Emerging Leaders) nurtures socially responsible managers and focuses on ethics and sustainability. With mentoring from faculty and industry partners, the program accelerates leadership development for rising professionals.

8. Queensland University of Technology

QUT’s Master of Business focuses on evidence-based management geared towards real career impact. The degree’s work integrated learning approach ensures students apply learnings to drive change and innovation in organizations. This produces skilled, employment-ready graduates.

9. RMIT University

RMIT’s Master of Business (Management and Innovation) empowers agile, creative leadership capabilities. With an emphasis on innovation, the degree equips graduates to spearhead transformation initiatives and drive organizational growth amid constant change.

10. University of Technology Sydney

UTS produces adaptable, solutions-focused managers through its Master of Management. With majors like strategic management and change management, the program aligns directly with high-demand capabilities employers are looking for now.

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